Bringing Back the Melodious Memories with Vinyl Records

Vinyl records which were used in the olden days have made its appearance in the music industry again. Many song composers and musicians using the process of Vinyl record pressing to create their music album to bring that early 90’s feeling back . Several budding music artists also prefer creating Vinyl records for people who love listening to music in a classic and old fashioned way.

The Process-

Vinyl records come in three different sizes such as 7 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. Before Vinyl record pressing can be done, the master copy which contains the music is obtained from the customer. An object that goes by the name lacquer is placed on a record-cutting machine. When it moves, the electric signals from the master get transferred to the cutting head which contains a needle. The needle engraves a groove in the lacquer which is sent to the production company.

Final Stage-

The next stage of Vinyl record pressing begins with the coating of lacquer in silver or nickel in order to produce a metal master. This metal master in turn creates a metal record which then forms a stamper. The stamper is used to create the original Vinyl record and isplaced in a hydraulic press where the impression from the stamper is forced onto the record. Cooling water makes the record stiff which will be ready to use.

Custom Designs-

There are many record pressingfirms that will offer vinyl records in different colors. These designs can be made according to the customers’ requirements. Vinyl record pressing done on a 7 inch record may not hold a lot of music because of its size. Depending upon the number of songs you can choose between a 7 inch, 10 inch and a 12 inch record.