Ways Businesses Benefit From Using Eco Friendly CD Packaging

Some statistics indicate that more than 70% of consumers will consider the environmentally friendliness of the product before they purchase it. This shows consumers are more aware of these concerns than previously thought. Both small and big organizations can no longer take these issues lightly.

Paper Packs

Recycling is one of the key areas of concern, when it comes to green products. Traditionally the Jewel and Digi pack plastic packaging were used for DVDs and compact discs. However, they have now been replaced by eco friendly CD packaging made of paper.

Smaller Size

The paper used to make the container that holds the compact discs is recycled and can be recycled again. However, this is not its only eco friendly advantage; it is also smaller in size. The smaller size means fewer materials are used. This is not the case with traditional CD packaging such as Digi and Jewel packs.

There is also no need for additional materials to hold the compact discs. The eco friendly paper pack has its own uniquely designed pocket. This also reduces any need for additional materials to hold the compact discs. The consumer finds the pocket more convenient when opening and putting back the Compact discs.

Eco Friendly Printing

The ink is another key area that makes the CD packaging eco friendly. The printing technology used is waterless. This means no water was wasted when manufacturing the ink. A lot of water is wasted every year when manufacturers are printing using traditional water based technology.

The eco friendly CD packaging is also easy to dispose. It is printed with vegetable based inks. Toxic waste is therefore not generated when disposing the materials. Disposing toxic waste can be costly and dangerous, and this is something that the consumers using this type of packaging will be avoiding.