Replicate CDs for better sound quality

Compact discs are popular as compared to the other forms of records. This is due to the compactness of the discs. The storage capacity of the data in the CD is much higher than normal records.

CD replication produces high quality sound

CD replication is a process of mass manufacture of discs which does not involve the process like ‘burning’ the CDs. It is replicated by using a master version of a recording source. A glass master is created in a clean enclosed room which is free from any dust or pollen, hair or smoke. The presence of these may affect the quality of the glass master disc. Once the glass master is ready it is placed in a laser beam recorder which will produce the required pit size. CD replication depends on the quality of the master disc provided for replication. It is more cost effective when producing large number of discs. These are professionally pressed real CDs and hence the quality is excellent. Replication method involves high quality silk screen disc printing.

CD replication better than duplication                  

CD replication should be done when you want to produce excellent quality discs. Big time artists prefer their CDs to be replicated and not duplicated so that the sound will be of excellent quality, even if it will cost them a lot more to replicate it. Duplication of CDs is just like burning a CD. The end result may not contain excellent sound. The clarity of the music may be slightly altered. The in-depth quality of the sound may be missing while duplicating the CDs.

If you are serious about the perfect sound then you should think of getting your CDs replicated rather than duplicating them. Duplication of CDs is much simpler and also lower in cost but the end result may not be all that good.


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